Usability testing software from Rylstim

Usability Studio allows conducting website and software usability testing.

Usability Studio - Main Window

Record screen, camera, sound and mouse

What kind of data do you get from the work?

  • Video capture of what’s happening on the screen during testing.
  • Video recording from the webcam that captures the facial expressions of the user during testing.
  • Audio recording from the microphone. Whatever the user says will be recorded.
  • Moves of the mouse cursor.
  • Left and right mouse clicks.

All these data will not be merely recorded, but combined for further analysis of the situation.

Projects and sessions

Convenient navigation is achieved through splitting testing records into Projects and Sessions.

Convenient project manager

Create as many projects as you think are necessary. Each project can, in its turn, contain an unlimited number of Sessions (video data on a completed testing). Convenient navigation through all the Projects and Sessions will help you easily browse your data.

Transferring sessions between computers

We have simplified transferring projects between computers. Now you can just copy your project folders, and the application will automatically detect and add it to its database of projects.


Ensure successful testing by giving your users more detailed instructions.

Preparing test tasks

Usability Studio - Preparing test tasksSplit your testing into Tasks and don’t limit yourself with a 3-word sentence. A more detailed Task description will help your users better understand what exactly you expect from them and what result they should try to achieve.

Displaying tasks during test session

Usability Studio - Displaying tasks during test sessionBe in control of the testing. During testing, the user sees the description of the Task that needs to be accomplished. During the entire testing process, that window remains in front of him, and the user can follow the test on his own, exactly as you planned.

How long did test take to complete

Usability Studio - How long did test take to completeFind out how much time it took to complete a particular task, how easy or how hard it was for the user to complete each task in the test.


Usability Studio has a built-in convenient player for reviewing the recorded Sessions.


Usability Studio - PreviewFor easy search and navigation over projects, the manager has a Session preview tool.

Watch full-screen video

Usability Studio - Fullscreen PreviewThe built-in player combines all the video and audio data and allows viewing these complex Sessions just as easy as you would watch a regular video using a standard video player.

Export video

Usability Studio - Export videoExport testing records to a single AVI file that can be played without installing Usability Studio.

Choose devices and codecs

Usability Studio - Choose devices and codecsChoose the devices and video codecs that are optimal for conducting your testing.

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