Key Features

Convenient Manager
Modern design and well thought out user interface makes eases your operations with sessions

Unless you have read this text, you wouldn't have even noticed that we had done something to improve the navigation through projects. It is natural.

Projects and Sessions
Usability Studio allows creating as many projects and sessions as you may need.

It is nice to use an application with a modern and convenient interface. That's why we have created an interface like that in Usability Studio.

Session Recording
Want to remember the users' emotions when they first meet your product? Usability Studio can keep those moments for you

Recording a Session
Usability Studio records video and sound from a camcorder and everything happening on the screen of the monitor. By putting it all together, you can easily find all the obstacles.

Create a script and split it into individual tasks. When user completes these tasks, Usability Studio shows you how long it took user to complete each task.

You don't have to be a guru to be able to select necessary devices, recording codecs and adjust the recording settings in Usability Studio.

Nice Little Things
We originally created this for our own needs, and this set of "nice little things" has become an undisputed assistant in our work

Export the video to a single video file to be able to review it with a regular video player.

Usability Studio has an internal full-screen viewer, which you can use to view any recorded session.

Session Details
The manager shows all the necessary details for the session. You don't need to open a pile of windows; everything you need is already at hand.

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