Key Features

Listing transactions is a boring chore, liked by true accountants only

We spend and get money every single day. And since it's a daily matter, what can reflect it clearer than a calendar?

What's the easiest way to lay out a financial plan for the next week or month? You just need to see the picture!

Moving a transaction to other day, marking it as completed or simply finding a certain transaction is now much easier.

Strange as it seems, Money Calendar is just designed to run your household budget

Easy setup
No need to create anything extra, all the budget settings are made right in the categories.

At any moment of time, you can get your budget report, which reflects all the estimated and actual data and the difference between them.

Money Calendar is not merely a finance manager capable of budgeting and reporting. It can detect excesses in budget and notify you of that.

Software should help you do your job with ease and comfort. We love our product but require it to do its job

Tracking errors
It is good to be able to see your financial future in advance. But it is much better when it is excellent and, most important, the picture corresponds to the reality.

Completed transactions
Our expectations always differ from the reality. By marking completed transactions, we can keep our financial plan in the current state.

Money Calendar finds transactions that exceed the defined limit, notifies you of the excess amount and even helps you fix that.

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